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Marketing Strategy:

The company will soon launch a Sonic Decanter website to begin generating awareness about the Sonic Decanter™ product. (


Internet Marketing Strategy:

DIONYSUS will also deploy a multi-channel internet marketing strategy with the primary intention of building brand recognition, educating the consumer of the Sonic Decanter™ value propositions, generating leads and increasing sales through the following tactics:· Web Presence Development: the Sonic Decanter™ primary website and its supporting network websites will engage in a host of Web marketing strategies. Such strategies will include, but are not limited to: 1) Search Engine Optimization (SEO); 2) consistent creation of unique, relevant content that targets specific key phrases wine enthusiast are searching for; 3) optimized page TITLE and Meta tags, ALT tags, H1/2/3 headers, URLS, etc.; and 4) link building through various web directory submissions and Web presence campaigns such as article submissions, press releases, etc.·


Email Newsletter and Lead Cultivation:

as prospects generated from our web campaign are added to the Dionysus sales pipeline—and in addition to traditional sales/marketing follow up and cultivation tactics—a periodic newsletter will be sent to cultivate prospective clients through value-added messaging, helpful information and sales/marketing information,· Online Joint Venture Marketing Partnership: Dionysus will identify complimentary businesses, which support the Dionysus model and seek out online marketing partnerships to expand Web presence and sales/marketing objectives.


Kickstarter Campaign:

Our initial plan is to offer the Sonic Decanter to the public using the innovative and highliy effective KICKSTSRTER event. Kickstarter will allow us to offer the product to the first adopters who want to support us in our pursuit of bringing the Sonic Decanter to the world for everyone to enjoy. Using the Kickstarter program we plan to generate sufficient public support from wine lovers everywhere to pledge thier support in cash pledges all the way to pre-ordering one of the first Sonic Decanters availale anywhere.


We may also provide a limited edition Sonic Decanter availalbe only on Kickstarter,  which will incorporate some of the unique "Kickstarter Green" into the design. In addition, limited edition Sonic Decanters laser embosed with the name of the first 100 supporters will be avaialbe as a way to say thanks to those individuals who join in and support us up front!


The Sonic Decanter will be introduced during our KickStarter event our original color style; Black on Black with our innovative "Blue Moon" backlit highlight. This color is sure to fit in any kitchen, bar, offfice or dining room.


After the Kickstarter event we will offer additional colors of WHITE and RED on black backgournds with the "Blue Moon" highlights. Eventually we will inroduce additional color combinations to complement a wide array of decor and personal sytles.


Dionysus Technology Concepts Inc.

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