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Ultrasonic Energy Transforms Wine


The Sonic Decanter is the result of over 50 years of designing and engineering products for space, industry, defense and medical uses. The Sonic Decanter uses safe but effective ultrasonic energy in a patented way to "MAKE EVERY WINE BETTER!"


After a career in developing and marketing non alcholic beverages we became passionate about wine. That passion led to the developing, designing, testing and creation of the Sonic Decanter.


We all want to enjoy wine! Ultrasonic energy used in the Sonic Decanter delivers a wine that is

  • More aromatic

  • More flavorful

  • More integrated

  • Softer in tannins and

  • Creates an amazing lingering finish!


We achieve much of the same chemical and molecular cahnges that occur with Mother Nature's natural aging.


The result is that with a single touch of a button, anyone can transform any wine (red or white) in to a wonderfully rich satisfying wine.


Why you will use the Sonic Decanter?


Bottle aging that has been around for centuries. The benefit of the Sonic Decanter™ process is to make all wines taste better and more enjoyable in minutes. The process is simple to execute by placing a bottle in the device, setting the wine for white or red styles. The Sonic Decanter is a convenient appliance that uses patented ultrasonic energy to stimulate the components in wine and modify the wine chemistry in such a way as to “Age” them thus improving the sensory characteristics of mouth feel, taste, aroma and color.


This process is functionally similar to what Mother Nature does in the traditional barrel and bottle but in just  15 minutes of unattended operation a chime signals that it is time to drink the wine.


The Sonic Decanter will enhance the wine drinking experience, allow lower priced wines to be improved for immediate consumption and will also improve well aged “collection” wines. The device and its process will benefit the entire wine spectrum. Wines that are purchased for daily enjoyment can be dramatically improved and wines selected for special occasions can be made even more flavorful. Many wine collectors have commented on the benefit of processing some of their collection and enjoying a glimpse of what the wine may taste like years in the future. And those who buy box wine can enjoy an improved glass or glasses of that wine as well. (box wine poured into a glass bottle or other container can be processed and improved)


As a result of the product research and development work conducted by the company, substantial discoveries and significant advancements have been made, which are collectively referred to as the Sonic Decanter™ method which  modifies the natural liquid state with vibrations  transforming the molecular and chemical structure of the wine using sound waves. (ultrasonic energy).


The Sonic Decanter™ is based on two issued patents:


Patent #7220439, entitled “WINE AGING METHOD AND SYSTEM” issued in May 22 of 2007.  


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