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Wine Innovation Based on Decades of Experience

During a career that spanned more than 50 years, Charles Leonhardt innovated and designed technology solutions which utilized ultrasonic energy. Those projects included jet propulsion, aviation, spacecraft controls and medical devices.


After a succesful career he retired and began making wines for his own pleasure and consumption. He was urged to consider how ultrasoinc energy could play a role in making wine taste better.


After years of research and much experimentation he found a new and successful application of ultrasonic energy. He filed for and was granted a patent for the technology that now forms the cornerstorn of our technology plaftform.


Dionysus Technology Concepts Inc, (DTC) formed in 2013, has licensed the exclusive use of the patents for all consumer appliance applications, and is now on the eve of launching our Sonic Decanter to the public!


DTC has organized a team of technology, marketing, wine  and beverage professionals, skilled in all essential areas to assist in the process of bringing the most exciting innovation to the wine industry in centuries.


We are pleased to have you on our journey!


Michael Coyne

Founder and CEO

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